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[Voice | Prime | Unhackable] [108]

[Rather urgent]

Hey, uhm, Cap'n? I know this is kind of a bad time, but someone from my old ship just got a hold of me and...they have...um.

One of you in pieces, in their cargo hold, and knowing their luck it wouldn't surprise me if it tries to attack them.

[Various | Unhackable | Voice] [107]


Sorry, captain, but I have to find a new ship. You've been a great captain, but Serenity is just too dangerous for me.



Hey everyone! I'm Rikku Dalabane, your new technician! Nice to meetcha!

[Convoy | Unhackable] [108]

Could someone please connect me to the captain? I need to speak with him.

[Serenity | Voice | Unhackable] [107]

...Sorry, everyone. I'm...really, super sorry about that. It's not the first time something blew up and affected other people, though it's the first time it actually made 'em high. Last time it just stank.

Uh...is everyone okay?


[Serenity | Voice | Unhackable] [106]

[Sounds of glasses clinking—Rikku’s multitasking and working on some stuff with the new flowers]

So! I took some of the nicer petals from the festival and made perfumes outta’ve ‘em. If you want some, let me know and I’ll get a pretty bottle for whichever scent you—


[Coughing and gagging, as well as a strange hissing sound]

Ack, so that doesn’t…wo...oooh.

[Thud as Rikku falls back on her butt.]

Uh…hehe, guys? I think—hahaha—I made a—ooh, lookit—mistake.

[[So! Serenity peeps! If you were below decks (or on the top deck, if you want), hope you enjoy that funny feeling in your head! Rikku, while practicing her alchemy, accidentally caused a reaction that creates a gas that effectively makes you higher than a kite. Or has a similar effect to a minor love potion. If you A), cannot currently breath through your nose (colds, etc), or B), are immune to standard toxins for some viable reason, you’re safe. Or not, I mean, it’s your muse. The cargo hold and the kitchens were safely closed off and are thus unaffected.

The signs that the gas is getting to you are fuzzy hearing before sudden clarity, hallucinations, dizziness, a drunk feeling, and/or the sudden desire to snog someone. This’ll be cleared up later and is just a minor plot to tide us over!

Have fun!]]

[Seren | Unhackable] [106]

Congrats, Rukia and Hisagi~! How'd you two haul in so many flowers?

[Voice | Ichi and Kimi] [105]

Hey, Ichi, Kimi. I have an idea~!


[Voice | Shuuhei] [104]

Hey, Hisagi, I'm back! Want your present?


[Voice | Kimi] [103]

Kimi! Kimi Kimi Kimi Kimi Kimi!


[Voice | Ichi] [102]

Hey, Ichigo. Can I borrow the plane for flower catching?


[Voice | Oh So Painfully Public] [101]

I almost totally forgot.

Happy Birthday Ichigo~!

[[he'll find a small box on his bed and inside said box is a a pair of goggles and new boots.]]

[Voice | Seren] [100!]

So, apparently I gotta go home for my birthday this year. Pops has important 'family business' stuff and he won't lemme stay on the ship for it.

Anyone wanna go do something before my birthday so I can go home and not feel jibbed?

[Voice | Seren] [99]

Man, for some reason, Lorena always manages to ruin my day. This bites.


[Text | Serenity | Unhackable] [98]

So...wait. Those weren't cops?

[Voice | Former Way Peeps] [97]


[static as it goes to text and she types in his frequency, and then voice]

Any requests for payback?

[Voice | Lotsa Filters] [96]


Hello, people! I'm Rikku, one of the mechanics, though I'm gonna be moving between ships some since I promised I'd check up on some people from my old ship. If you need anything fixed or need explosives, just let me know!

[Everyone formerly on the Way]

How's everyone doing? Kimi, y'haven't killed anyone with a frying pan, have you? Is Joshua behaving, Ness?

[Public | Voice] [95]

[audible facepalm]


[WW | Unhackable] [94]

Well, so far, no luck on finding whatever signal Ichigo's using. Heck, he might not even be using a journal--I've got his with me in my room.

And Gippal's gone again, the meanie.

[Voice | WW | Unhackable] [93]

[all during this post, there is scratching and Hichigo in the background. Guess who's holed up in her room by the rampaging Hollow?]

Someone, please, help me! Th...the thing that's possessing Ichigo's outside my door and trying to get in and--

Come on, open the door! I'm not gonna hurt you -- much. I just want your soul. You won't miss it.

Sh-shut up! I'm usin' my soul!

But I have a better use for it.[weird ass Hollow laugh] He likes you a lot, doesn't he? He cares so damn much about everybody here. Wouldn't it be funny if he came back -- and you were dead?

N-no! Go away and give Ichigo back!

[more laughing and a crying Rikku]

[[girl will need SO MUCH therapy after this]]


[Voice | Public] [92]

T...there's someone hanging from the mast.

I...I think it's...


It's Hughes!


Rikku Dalabane

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