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Totally NOT Distasterrific

Rikku Dalabane
Canon Character and Series: Rikku from Final Fantasy X/X-2
In-Game Name: Rikku Dalabane
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Position & Ship: Mechanic on “The Winding Way”

Appearance: Rikku’s about five-four, with blonde hair almost as long as she is tall. Her hair is typically braided and piled on her head to keep it out of her eyes. She wears beads or ribbon woven in the braids to add a certain “Rikku flare”. Her eyes are a deep emerald, with a mischievous glint if she’s done something to your bunk. She’s almost always smiling.

Rikku typically wears greens and yellowish colors, but looks pretty good in the rare red or blue outfit. Her favorite outfit is a white shirt under a dark green vest and a standard issue brown skirt with boots, but usually she wears pants. She wears fingerless leather gloves of varying hues all the time, and occasionally wears a scarf. Rikku has a pair of goggles that are either on her head or around her neck. A small bag is also a staple of Rikku’s attire, since it keeps all her little do-dads.

Personality: Rikku Dalabane is very perky and straightforward, a “see, feel, do” person. She sees a problem, she figures out what to do to solve it, she does her best to solve it. With very little tolerance for outdated rules and the people who uphold them, Rikku can land in trouble from time to time. The gap between those who have, and those who don’t, is a sore spot with Rikku, and she’s always ready to help out if she can.

To be friend of Rikku is to always have someone there to cheer you up and to have someone willing to do anything to help out. Rikku spares no mercy for her enemies, especially if they hurt someone close to her.

Rikku’s favorite hobby is tinkering. Chemicals, powders-you name it, she’ll find something to do with it, even if it’s just to prank someone with. If she says “duck!”, it’s wise to duck…or there’s really a duck somewhere nearby, as Rikku can be easily entertained. She also loves to learn anything she can about magitech.

She’s a bit of a thief, always trying out her skills on unsuspecting passers-by or stuck-up nobles. If some bauble’s missing, ask Rikku first. Her morals, however, prevent her from stealing anything from a shop or from someone who needs it more than she does. Her quick hands also lends to a talent in sleight of hand for boredom-busting or entertaining purposes.

Some might think Rikku is immature, but anyone who really knows her knows that she’s not as childish as she seems. She knows when it’s time to be serious, and when a stupid joke is called for.

Abilities/Weapons: Having to run from angry victims of her pick-pocketing habit has given Rikku incredible running speeds and amazing agility. She’s also an “alchemist”, for lack of a better word. She can make anything out of anything.

She prefers throwing things, having dead aim with projectiles (hand grenades or something similar), but if she has to, she can put up a decent fight, using hit-and-run tactics on larger, slower targets. She tends to use a knife if she has one with her.

How well can your character hack?: About medium-hard.

Weaknesses: Rikku’s small, which can be a strength, but at times her size can be a hindrance, like when a larger enemy throws her to the side. Her long hair is also a problem, since someone could get a good grip on it and Rikku’s helpless. Her lack of strength prevents her from lasting too long in a one-on-one fight if she can’t dodge. Devotion to her friends and family can lead Rikku to do stupid things at times.

Rikku is severely astraphobic. Thunderstorms render her practically useless.

History: Rikku’s mother died in a monster attack when Rikku was about five. Her dad, Cid, tried his best to raise her to be a normal girl; the only condolence he had was that she wore skirts and not pants like some women. Rikku picked up tinkering at an early age, taking apart her first camera before her tenth birthday. She became a pseudo-repairman for her neighbors (and Aniki) when they were too lazy to take their broken radios, cameras and difference engines to the shop.

When she was thirteen, Rikku was on an airship heading for a major storm when the ship was struck by lightning. The smell of fried wires and sound of sizzling metal, not to mention finding a crewmember dead because he’d been in the bath, gave Rikku a severe case of astraphobia. To this day, she’s almost hopeless in a storm.

Though Rikku was never one for “courting”, there was one boy she was very serious about for a while…until he joined an airship crew a few months into the relationship. She hasn’t spoken to him since then, though not for lack of trying. It was their relationship that opened Rikku’s heart to the problems the disgustingly wealthy caused for the despairingly poor.

After one too many demands from her brother to fix whatever he needed fixing, Rikku decided it was high time she left home. She left shortly before the winter of her fifteenth year, hopping a ride on the first airship that stopped by her town. Even though she rarely sees her family in person, Rikku’s still close to them, especially her cousin Yuna.

During that first year, Rikku learned about the magitech experiments, and even tried a few herself. The only thing she managed to make without blowing it up was a small magitech toy monkey with cymbals.

Rikku signed onto the Winding Way and stayed with the theatre ship for three years, despite a new captain, bombings, and other crazy things. The ship had become her family.

When the captain of the ship decided to sell the ship (Rikku wasn’t sure way, except that it involved the first mate and danger), Rikku and the rest of the crew were at a lost. What could they do? Eventually, Rikku gathered up the crew members who had no homes (quite a few) and promised to keep them together until they found a new place to live.

Eventually, her friends all managed to find new homes on various ships. This, however good, left Rikku at a lost as to where she should go. There was no point in going back home, but if she joined a ship permanently, she wouldn’t get to see her friends.

Then, she had an idea. Good airship mechanics were hard to find, even nowadays. She could start her own traveling repair company, see her friends, and meet even more people. First stop---well, not that dignitary ship.